What Is a Dual Zone HVAC System and Is It Right for you?

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Benefits of a Dual Zone HVAC unit

Dual zone HVAC systems have consistently saved homeowners up to 30% on their bills for homes and businesses.

What are the benefits of a dual zone HVAC system?

In general terms, this system will only expend the energy to heat and cool rooms to the preset temperature, and not a degree more. For example, if you have a dining room that is constantly on fire while the rest of the house is an igloo, then the Dual Zone HVAC system will detect the temperature in the dining room and adjust the amount of heating. This saves you from having to crank up the thermostat in the whole house in order to cool off just one room.

This type of effect is like having individualized heaters or coolers in each room running at only a certain temperature. However, with the Dual Zone you can make the settings all from one centralized location. Also, the energy used is significantly less because the system works together as one, as opposed to running different power sources at the same time which may blow out your fuses.

There are a variety of ways to take advantage of the zoning structure. If you have a part of the home that no one uses because it is surrounded by windows that let in uncomfortable heat, the dual zone HVAC system will help you cool that area for your enjoyment. If you have a guest bedroom that no one’s staying in, then why pay to heat and cool it? In a nutshell, a Dual Zone HVAC system allows you to control how much heat and air is released and where it goes throughout your home or business.

Do you have a start-up business with a significant amount of space that isn’t being currently used?┬áThese types of things are rarely on your mind because it seems like the costs might be negligible, however it can really add up over time. You could easily see your entire unit paid for within just a few years, depending on where you live and how uneven the heating and cooling. This system helps you to run your house or business at increased energy efficiency, which is also better for the environment as well.

Air Conditioning ┬áServices Inc. has been installing dual zone HVAC systems for years, and we know how to retrofit, or work around the many quirks of homes and businesses. We have the experience to install quickly and for a reasonable price no matter the condition or type of structure. We’re the experts in heating and cooling, and we’re here to give you the information and services you need.

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