Using Double-Pane Windows Save you Money on your Energy Bill

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Your home can lose heat in a variety of ways and inefficient windows are one of the biggest offenders. If your windows are dated, allow too much cold air to seep in or are simply not the most energy efficient models available, you may be overpaying for electric each month. Replacing your existing windows can help you save on your monthly energy bill and make your home more comfortable. If your home is more than 10 years old, or your windows are made from a single pane of glass, then upgrading to double glazed windows will save you money.

What are double paned windows?

The term “double paned” refers to the way that newer, more energy efficient windows are made. Instead of a single panel of glass, these windows have a pair of panels with a space between them. During the manufacturing process, this space is filled with air to boost the window’s heat conserving properties. The double pane does not impact the way the window performs, you can still see through it and clean it easily. Homes that have double paned windows are less likely to allow in a draft and more likely to help your home maintain a set temperature.

How double panes boost energy efficiency

Double paned windows are designed to prevent heat from passing through. This property helps make your home more efficient year round. In the summer, this heat blocking property prevents hot air from entering your home that results in making your air conditioner work overtime. In the winter, the windows trap heat inside your home and make it easier to keep your house comfortable and warm.

Possible savings from new windows

According to Energy Star, replacing older, single paned glass windows with double paned models will save the average homeowner up to $465 per year in energy costs. This figure will vary based on how many windows you have, how old your existing windows are and the energy efficiency rating of your new windows. Upgrading from older double paned windows to a more energy efficient model will also result in savings of up to $111 per year, depending on your actual home layout and current windows.

When you make changes to your home that boosts its energy efficiency, you may also be eligible for tax credits when you do your income taxes. Learning more about the tax advantages of upgrading to more energy efficient appliances, home features and even home materials can help you make the best choices for your home and family.

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