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The basic license to be a practicing HVAC technician in Oklahoma is straightforward – time as apprentice, then a journeyman, and then the possibility of applying for a contractor license. There are schools around the state which offer courses to shorten the time to licensing, but a license can be obtained through on-the-job training as well.

At Air Conditioning Service, Inc., we hold to an additonal standard – NATE Certification. North American Technician Excellence, Inc. is a third-party certification center which tests HVAC technicians in real-world knowledge, and offers certifications in various specialties.

Why do we choose to be NATE certified?

NATE certified technicians tend to have longer HVAC careers, and tend to be more invested in high-caliber work. Because we want to serve our customers for life with the best possible service, we pursue NATE training and certification across our team.

As the HVAC world grows more complex – new technologies are emerging all the time – we want to be sure we’re up to date on best practices, the newest developments, and the latest technology. Because NATE certification requires continuing education courses to remain certified, we know that a NATE-certified technician is continually learning and updating their knowledge.

What’s covered in the certification?

First, a technician has to pass the core test, which covers HVAC fundamentals and tools, safety, basic construction, and basic electrical principles, along with other introductory areas.

To be certified, a technician must also pass at least one test in a specialty, which can be one of the following areas, from either the installation or service tracks:


Air Conditioning Installation

Air Distribution Installation

Air to Air Heat Pump Installation

Gas Heating (Air) Installation

Oil Heating (Air) Installation


Air Conditioning Service

Air Distribution Service

Heat Pump (Air to Air) Service

Gas Heating (Air) Service

Oil Heating (Air) Service

Hydronics Gas Service

Hydronics Oil Service

Light Commercial Refrigeration Service

Commercial Refrigeration Service

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