How to Save Money on your Energy Bills

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Energy Costs


If you look at the above graphic you will see a national average of energy costs, along with a monthly breakdown with percentages to show you what goes into the costs of your energy bill. The chart above will also show you which states have the highest energy bills. Even though Oklahoma is not listed as one of the states who have the highest energy bills, it’s no secret that Oklahoma stays hot in the summer months.

What are the best ways to stay cool and save money on your energy bills? One of the biggest ways to save on your a/c costs this summer is to get a programmable thermostat. Follow the tips on the above graphic to help you save more on cooling down your home or office. If you feel your bills are higher than normal, it is possible your unit may need a tune up. Give us a call (405) 677-5665 and one of our HVAC professionals will be happy to come and check it out for you.

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