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You know your air conditioning system requires a certain amount of maintenance. We’ve talked before about why you need to change your filters, and why you need a new filter drier every time your system is opened up. But we still encounter people who aren’t planning for the regular preventive maintenance their system so desperately needs.

Servicing your a/c is a lot like servicing your car – regular maintenance and systemic performance checks will extend the life of your unit, and keep things from breaking down right when you need them.

We offer all of our customers an annual maintenance agreement. It provides twice-yearly tune ups to keep your system in working order, without the hassle of costly repairs. We hope you’ll keep these three things in mind when you’re thinking about your maintenance schedule.

Advanced scheduling

While we pride ourselves on fast response times, we know that every second in a home with a broken air conditioner can seem like eternity. Having a scheduled maintenance time means you know when to expect us, and we’re there to find issues before they become emergencies.

Trusted providers

When you find yourself in need of immediate air conditioning service, you might find that you’re willing to throw yourself at the mercy of whoever’s available. With routing maintenance, you’ll get to know the techs working on your system, and you’ll have confidence in the quality that comes from the Air Conditioning Service team.

Cost effectiveness

Keeping up with your maintenance isn’t just important for avoiding costly problems. Keeping your air conditioner in great shape can help your system be more efficient, saving you money in energy costs.

For many homeowners, a maintenance plan just means easy, fuss-free ownership. You’ll always know your system is being cared for, and you lessen the risk of expensive, daunting repairs.

Call (405) 677-5665 today to talk about your annual maintenance agreement.

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